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Ratings Jumpstart Pack

Ratings Jumpstart Pack

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Rating Jumpstart Pack 🔋: Reviewly Plate + Smart Card

Boost your business's online presence with the Rating Jumpstart Pack. This essential combo features our innovative Reviewly Plate and portable Smart Card, both equipped with NFC and QR code technology, making gathering customer reviews a breeze.

Included in the Pack:

- Reviewly Plate: A 4x4 inch plate that fits seamlessly into any business environment. Customers can tap or scan to quickly leave reviews, powered by Reviewly's user-friendly software.

- Reviewly Smart Card: This pocket-sized powerhouse uses the same technology to collect reviews on the go. Perfect for meetings, trade shows, and direct customer interactions.


- Increase Visibility: More reviews mean greater online trust and visibility.
- Ease of Use: Simple tap or scan action encourages instant feedback.
- Versatile: Capture reviews at your location or on the move.
- Smart Insights: Access Reviewly's AI-driven analytics for better engagement strategies.
- Quick Setup: Start collecting reviews in no time with easy-to-follow steps.

Made in the USA 🇺🇸

Made from Recycled Materials ♻️

Elevate your reputation effortlessly. Get the Rating Jumpstart Pack and transform the way you collect reviews today!

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