Collection: Reviewly Smart Stickers

Reviewly Stickers offer the same innovative QR code and NFC technology found in Reviewly's Plates and Smart Cards, but with the added versatility of being easily affixed to a variety of surfaces. These durable, eye-catching stickers can be strategically placed in high-traffic or visible areas of your business, inviting customers to quickly leave a review by simply tapping or scanning. From the entrance of your establishment to tables, counters, or even the packaging of your products, Reviewly Stickers make it convenient for businesses to capture customer feedback in multiple locations, ensuring maximum exposure and engagement. They are an effective solution for businesses looking to boost their online presence organically, providing a seamless link to Reviewly's AI-powered review platform.

Boost Online Presence

Reviewly products harness QR code and NFC technology to seamlessly guide customers to leave reviews, enhancing your online presence. Their easy-to-use design and AI-powered platform amplify positive customer feedback, directly boosting your visibility and reputation on the web.

Collect Unlimited Reviews

Reviewly enables the collection of unlimited reviews by providing a seamless, tech-driven solution for customers to share their feedback anytime, anywhere, ensuring a continual flow of genuine reviews.

QR and NFC Technology

Reviewly uses both QR and NFC technology in its products, so that your customers can always leave you feedback.